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moneybookersFees at Moneybookers Skrill

Deposits to the Moneybookers/Skrill account:
Credit cards: 1.9 %
Bank transfer: free

Withdrawals from the Moneybookers/Skrill account:
Credit cards: 1.80 EUR
Bank transfer: 1.80 EUR
Cheque: 3.50 EUR

The deposits to the online companies are mostly free. It is necessary to become familiar with concrete conditions of every online company. There is a fee of 0,5 EUR in case of sending money to an individual. More information at in fees section.

1% (up to EUR 0.50 EUR)

FREE (Merchant/Webmaster Fees except)

For transactions involving currency conversion Skrill (Moneybookers) adds 2.49% to our wholesale exchange rates for foreign currency. This charge serves as a protection against the volatility and risk associated with FX markets. The Skrill (Moneybookers) exchange rates are updated on a regular basis throughout the day.


If the account holder has not logged into or has not made a transaction using the Skrill (Moneybookers) Account within the last 12 months, the Service Fee of 1.00 EUR
(or equivalent) will be deducted monthly from your Skrill Account balance, if any.
Please note: the Service Fee does not apply to VIP Accounts as defined in the Skrill VIP Terms and Conditions and Skrill Accounts used for commercial purposes.

Skrill (Moneybookers) Merchant Fees:
Transaction fees for European Merchants:
The standard initial fee to receive payments online is 2.90% + €0.25

Transaction fees for non European Merchants:
The standard initial fee to receive payments online is 3.90% + 0.35€

Additional Fees Information:
Gateway Usage: € 19.95 per month

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